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October 2009

October 10th

We have just run the West Sussex County Championships which had an incredible 400 solo competitors! We are already looking at how it can be improved for next year.


The results are up and a big thank you to Katherine from IT Programming who came along to watch the solos. She has posted all the pics and results.


Congratulations to Katie Rushman who was crowned the West Sussex County Champion of Champions. She won a PSP and games, as well as a CD voucher and a crystal trophy from JustDance and Goldstar.


October 4th at Bexleyheath was very well supported and the pictures will be up soon. Both Joanne and myself had a lovely day and hope all the dancers had a fun time. The judges loved all the taletnt on the dance floor.


May 2010!! Justdance and Move It Magazine will be running a weekend festival on the 23rd of May 2010. We will have all the details soon. We have a massive sponsor for the event - details will be up soon. Dance Britannia are coming!



Justine has become nanny to Chase Collins Wilmer who was born on 09.08.09 at 10.45 am by C section. He has made the family complete. Thank you to all the dancers who sent well wishes and congratulations. Enough grandma jokes now, he he.

Big Thanks to all the dancers, teachers and parents who come and support Just Dance Promotions.


See you all on in Worthing on 31st January for our next Freestyle Dance Competition event and at K2 on February 28th for our next Street Dance Competition.



June 2009

June 18th

Here we are halfway through the dance calendar year and what an awesome time we have had with the events so far. The Freestyle days have been amazing and we have decided to re introduce the May Freestyle event next year at a new venue to be announced soon.


Justine and her team have been working tirelessly to provide the best days for Freestyle events in the South. Other promoters have followed suit with many of the new ideas that we have started. We will have the big screen again this year and have a sponsor who will bring a new edge to Freestyle Dance competitions. We also have JP Trophies providing the best in cups for our events.


Thank you to all the teachers parents and dancers who attend. Justine hopes to see you all again on September 20th at Worthing for her once a year Championship.


Street events are going to take the JustDance team to new dimensions in dance and with DIVERSITY, FLAWLESS and SUGARFREE dancing their way to success on Britains Got Talent, we know there are many dancers and groups itching to dance at JustDance Street Events.


Happy Dancing everyone and see you at a Just Dance event soon.



January 2009

January 29th

Hi everyone. What a fabulous start to the New Year! The 18th of January was a fantastic competition and the feedback so far is amazing. The pictures and results are all up!! And we have now sorted out the problem with the missing photos and results.

Kathy from IT Programming is now doing all the web site maintenance for JustDance.


Please email in with all your pics from our events


Our next competition will be at Bexleyheath on the 19th April and we are busy and excited about the launch of the Street Dance Competition. If you want to be part of the May 24th K2 street experience competition your teachers need to email me soon.



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